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  • Corsair 550-550

Build Your New Watson Hopper Rig

Select your Chassis, Hoist Type, Main Drum, and Sand Reel

Custom Designed Controls

At Watson Hopper our goal is to work through a partnership relationship that builds on our experience of manufacturing rigs combined with your operational expertise to deliver a rig that is ideal for you. Many of the improvements that have come about to our product is a result of this collaborative partnership with our customers that brings operational ideas to reality. A few examples of this are completely automated walkways with auto-folding handrails. In addition, controls to allow the tubing board to be lowered and raised at any height in order to clear any ground interference during rig-up. When we deliver our rig to you our goal is for that rig to go straight to work.

Superior Break Systems

Our experience has shown us that there are many different preferences when it comes to a break system. Some that are new to the industry have preferred the all disc for an assist. Others have preferred to maintain the feel that comes with a band break utilizing a hydromatic as an assist. We offer the Parmac line of hyrdromatic assists in all sizes and the Kobelt line of disc brakes. For clutches we offer three options which include the Watson Hopper clutch, the Carlson Clutch and the Twin Disc Clutch for the Watson Corsair rig.

State Of The Art Power

We have been at the forefront of bringing new engine and transmission power products to the well servicing industry. Through our relationships and affiliations with Allison, Cummins and MTU we have brought the most advance technology they have available to their product line.  We were among the first to embrace the electronic transmission upgrades to the industry.  Our efforts and experience helped bridge the gap from the manual transmissions and the electronic transmission era.  As emissions requirements have become more and more stringent, we have also been at the forefront of being the first to embrace Tier 3 and Tier 4 requirements where required.